CCC Clubs Starting January 14th!

We invite you to join us after school for some exciting clubs offered by our licensed and caring staff at CCC!
Clubs will begin the week of 1/14 and run for approximately 7 weeks.
There is no additional cost to participate in the CCC Clubs other than CCC registration & attendance!


Puzzle Masters Club

Grades 3-7

(Tuesdays 4:15-5:15)

Learn pattern-recognition skills to solve various types of puzzles and riddles and build on these skills each week!

Dodgeball Club

Grades K - 7

(Wednesdays 3:30-4:30)

Join an afternoon of fun and fitness as we learn the athletic skills needed to play many variations of dodgeball.

Surprise! Creations Club

Grades K - 7

(Wednesdays 3:30-4:30)

Each week is a surprise as we pop a balloon to reveal a new craft or recipe to create that week!

Body Moving Club

K - 12yrs

(Fridays 3:10pm – 4:10pm)

Join Ms. Jen on Fridays to get your body moving and grooving in a variety of ways!

Capoeira Classes

K - 12 yrs

(Mondays K – 2nd 3:10 – 4:00 pm & 3rd – 7th 4:10 – 5:00 pm)

After school classes at Community Care Club at Community Roots Academy will teach the fundamentals of the Afro-­Brazilian martial art capoeira by Instrutor Mosquito from ABADA-­‐Capoeira Orange County.

Academic Chess

Grades K - 8

(Friday 3:10 – 4:10 PM)

Academic Chess is BACK with NEW LESSONS!

We use exciting stories to teach chess concepts in a way that makes it easy to remember and fun to learn!

Cooking Club

K - 12 yrs

(Wednesdays 3:15 – 4:15)

Join Ms. Sandra at CCC every Wednesday as we make a delicious and nutritious dish! Kid Chef’s will eat their dish during the club and take home a recipe to recreate it at home!

CRA's Got Talent

Grades 1 - 6

(Tuesdays 4 – 5)

This seven-week vocal music club will teach young artists the fundamentals of singing like breathing, posture, diction, and vocal warm-up techniques They will also focus on pitch recognition, rhythm, note reading, and music theory.

CRAfty Creations

Grades K - 4

(Mondays 4:00 – 5:00)

Join Ms. Treglia every Monday after school from 4:00-5:00 to make a Spring treat and a craft.

Football Club

K - 12 yrs

(Thursdays 3:10 – 4:10)

Join Coach JB to learn the basic fundamentals and techniques of football! JB Torsy is one of the dynamic and caring Recess and After School Leaders for CRA & CCC!

Junior Explorers Hiking Club

Grades 1 - 4

(Thursdays 4:00 – 5:00)

Join Ms. Treglia every Thursday after school from 4:00-5:00. We will be hiking and enjoying the outdoors.

Slime Science

Grades K - 12yrs

(Fridays 3:10 – 4:10)

Are you a fan of the ooey-gooey, sticky-icky material we call slime?!!! Join Ms. Marilina at CCC every Friday as we learn all about the science of slime!

Jammin' Jump Rope Club

K - 12yrs

(Mondays 3:10 – 4:10)

Jump Rope Club is open for students grades K-8. This fun fitness activity will teach your child individual, partner, long rope, and Chinese jump rope skills. The focus of this club is teamwork, fun, creativity, and personal fitness.

Sewing Club

Grades 1 - 8

(Tuesdays 4:00 – 5:00)

Join Miss Cherry for Sewing Club on Tuesdays. Each student will receive their own sewing kit, practice hand stiching, and finish a project to take home.

Modular and Action Oragami

Grades K - 8

(Wednesdays 12:40 – 1:40)

Academic Origami is BACK with NEW LESSONS!

Modular & Action Origami is a fun and exciting class where children will learn to create their own action models using the Japanese art of origami. Students will make a Sumo wrestler, spinner, transforming ninja star, & more.

Spring Soccer

Ages 5 - 8

(Wednesdays 12:40)

Enroll online to spring soccer at on site at Community Roots Academy