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Model Learning Community

At CRA, all members of our professional community continually seek learning and growth opportunities.

Model Learning Community
  • Faculty and staff participate in an extensive professional development program and also partner with colleagues to foster a challenging academic environment for all. Highly qualified and motivated teachers collaborate in decision-making and develop curriculum while guiding, supporting and evaluating students.
  • CRA is a Professional Learning Community (PLC) that supports the professional development of teachers, administrators and school aides through weekly PLC meetings, as well as workshops, retreats and learning institutes.
  • Teachers plan, create and implement curriculum to best meet the needs and interests of students while exceeding California content standards.
  • Teachers also meet to participate in cross-grade planning; teachers and schools leaders examine and continuously re-evaluate the scope and sequence of the curriculum.
  • Teachers and administrators work collaboratively on school governance and curriculum review.
  • Teachers utilize curriculum for social, emotional and academic competence, challenging students to work to their fullest potential.
  • Students, parents and teachers collaborate to create and work toward student goals.
  • Interdisciplinary instruction creates a framework where students can approach new and challenging content and real-life situations with confidence.
  • Students learn the skills of conflict resolution and participate in advisory groups to build social competency.