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CRA Annual Giving

Annual Giving Program for 2022/2023

What is Annual Giving?

At CRA we try to limit fundraising activities to just three initiatives per year. This helps us keep the scholars focused on learning, and we don’t need to constantly ask our parent community for financial support. The Annual Giving program is your opportunity as a member of our parent and/or grandparent community to help support our incredible school. The funds go to help us cover the extra expenses we incur annually as a public charter school, and your donation can be made in one lump sum or spread out over the course of the school year.

What are CRA’s Extra Expenses? 

Community Roots Academy is a public charter school, and that means that while we do receive public funding, we also incur extra costs that add up to $280,000 per year. Those costs include our location lease as well as our janitorial contract. These are both costs that must be covered out-of-pocket for us.

As a public charter school, we are responsible for expenses which traditional public schools aren’t, such as our campus lease and janitorial services. Many of you may notice this number is lower than previous years. We are happy to report that we were able to work with the district to receive a reduction in our campus lease cost. This reduction is reflected in our overall fundraising goal for the year. 

How Much Should I Give?

The Annual Giving program is always voluntary and you are not required to donate. However if you would like to donate, we recommended a minimum donation of $570 per family for the year. This amount means that if every family makes the minimum donation, we will cover our extra expenses completely! You can make a one time, lump sum payment or spread your donation out over the school year.

$180K (lease) + $100K(janitorial) = $280k (annual expenses), Divided by 490 CRA families = $571

We offer a variety of giving options, including equal payments throughout the school year. Click below to choose your preferred support option: