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Virtual Jump-A-Long For CRA 2021

Each year CRA holds a jog-a-thon that allows our scholars to get involved in raising funds for their school! This year’s event looks slightly different than in years past.

First, we are switching it up from a jog-a-thon to a virtual jump rope challenge … AKA, “Jump-A-Long For CRA”! This virtual event will run throughout the month of March, and conclude on April 12.

During the virtual event, we ask that scholars set a daily jump rope goal for themselves and document their progress. We also ask that every scholar set a minimum pledge goal of $125. This goal can be shared with friends and family remotely through a personal fundraising link.

Our fundraising goal is $60,000 as a school, and a we have a 2 million jump goal school-wide.

The funds we are raising will go toward CRA’s Covid 19 expenses ($150,000) and our annual lease expenses ($180,000).


We need YOUR help to help get us to our goal!!!

Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

Community Roots Academy’s annual jog-a-thon is here and we need YOUR help to hit our fundraising goal of $60k!

  • The Run for the Arts will take place on October 31, 2019 and every scholar that attends CRA is included in the day’s events!
  • When you become an official Run for the Arts Sponsor, you not only directly support the arts at CRA, but you also join our community of corporate partners!
  • We invite you to review the sponsorship levels and hope that you decide to support the arts at CRA!