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Ana Kircher


Ana Kircher grew up in Mexico and has lived in South Orange County since 2009 with her husband and two lovely children Akira and Breslin. In 2018 she started her path in Early Childhood Development at Saddleback College where she has obtained her Associate teacher Certificate and studied to obtain her Associate of Science Degree in Early Childhood Development. Along with her studies and work, she has attended many webinars, workshops and conferences oriented toward working in inclusive environments and increasing communication with children and families. “When I came to Community Seedlings Preschool I was impressed with their philosophy and how children interact with their environment, peers and adults. I am a strong believer that children learn by experiencing, exploring and creating. When you give them the tools they need and hear what they have to say, you give them freedom to grow and learn with confidence. I am committed to support children’s curiosity and develop plans that stem from their interests and to creating environments where children and their families feel welcome.”