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Melissa Rosenbaum


Melissa Rosenbaum joined our team as a substitute teacher this summer after completing her practicum with us through Saddleback College. She obtained her associates teacher certificate through Saddleback College, and most recently has completed Saddleback’s Early Childhood Teacher program. She plans on continuing her education in Early Childhood Education, and apply for her child development teacher permit. “I am very excited to join Community Seedlings where I have the opportunity to grow and further develop as a co-researcher/ facilitator of learning for young children. I appreciate that I get to gain experience in a program who’s philosophy, and values align with mine. I love how much time we get to spend outside in nature here at Community Seedlings. It’s the perfect place for children to be the little scientists they are. Where they can explore, make discoveries, engage their senses, and have hands-on learning experiences. I am committed to establishing feelings of trust with every child by connecting with them and their families in meaningful ways. I strive to be a positive role model who leads by example, provides guidance, and empowers children to problem solve. I believe fostering a warm, caring, safe, supportive, and inclusive environment are essential ingredients to optimize children’s learning, and wellbeing.”