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Mrs. Voccola

Michelle Voccola is a full-time teacher with Community Roots Academy since 2013, beginning as a third grade teacher and finding her home in Middle School for the past several years.  As a parent and teacher with CRA, she highly appreciates the community that surrounds our students and the project-based learning that takes place. Mrs. Voccola received her Bachelor’s Degrees in both the study of Psychology and Social Behavior, and Criminology from UC Irvine. While working several years in the sciences, she often reverted to her passion for educating young minds which led her to pursue and obtain her teaching credential from Cal State San Marcos. Mrs. Voccola values the importance of engaging students in the learning process, as well as developing critical thinkers and problem solvers–thus promoting life-long learning. She is committed to creating a learning environment where every child will thrive and “Aha moments” come to life, as well as bringing some theatrical moments to her classroom. Her goal is to inspire her students to develop a love for knowledge, a love for literature, and a desire to be continuous learners. Mrs. Voccola is a Southern California native and you’ll often find her at the soccer fields or on the pickleball courts with her husband and two children, or even walking the Aliso Wood Canyon trails with her furry companion. Along with teaching and sporting activities, she values reading, exercising, community theater, watching game shows and playing many types of card games.